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I hit a steel pole in a chain link fence set in concrete? Any idea how much it will cost to replace it?

It was my klutzy fault. I was entering this drive-thru at an ackward angle and hit one the steel poles protecting the flower garden. It was set in cement or concrete and I don’t want to go through my insurance. How much do you think it will cost me to have it fixed?

Considering it wasn’t a gold plated pole. I would think a fence company would come out and change the post for around a $100.00 maybe even cheaper if you called around.

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Can you recheck the specialized high school test?

Can you recheck the specialized high school test?

No you can’t, but you could retake it when you go to 9 grade.

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KY Business improperly installed a-coils which caused condensation to drain into my home instead of out drain?

This caused all my subfloors to become water damaged in the four rooms surrounding the a/c unit. All four rooms need parts of the floors replaced as well as some drywall from the connector walls. Another contracter came out and showed us that the slope was wrong on the coil causing the condensation to pool in the rear of the unit and overflow into the subfloors beneath the unit. I conntacted the business about the issue and the owner came out, corrected the slope (I took pics as proof) and then denied liability and refuses to pay for the damages or turn it over to his insurance company. I am not very well off and cannot afford an attorney. My state’s small claim cap is $1500 which is only about 1/3 of the total damages. Most contractor’s in my area won’t even touch it because it is a mobile home, but the two that will want almost $4500 to replace all the damaged structures. Does anyone know if I have any other recourse not previously mentioned, or am I out of luck because I am poor?

If you are a homeowner and have insurance, that is probably the first place you want to go. Your insurance takes care of it then the get the contractor’s insurance to pay. You will pay a deductible in the meantime.

if you do NOT have insurance, then contact your state’s Bar Association and look for their Lawyer Referral Service info on the website (or call). You can get a referral to an attorney who will hopefully take the case on contingency, for free, or at least a reduced fee based on your income.

Since the contractor "corrected" the work, it seems like an admission that they did it wrong in the first place. Best of luck hun!

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Chinese new Year Celebration @ Fighthouse NYC
2007. Northern Eagle Claw Kung Fu. The form name is: Chut Jeet Bin (7 Section Chain)
For more info:
or call 212-213-8805

Ying Jow Pai videos are available at

Duration : 0:0:51

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1920 x 1080 imax hd test japan hi quality full hd 1080 widescreen

1920 x 1080 imax hd test japan hi quality full hd 1080 widescreen

Duration : 0:4:14

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MA&N – “proof of concept” II

We saw in last video how the Neutralization works; now the same setup but for Amplification.
So, when the coil’s fired up it’s increasing the power of core with magnet and amplifying attraction of rotor’s magnet to core. Then coil switched and field’s neutralized.
Switching is made just with two pairs of RS, without switching circuit.
Seems the concept does work and it’s only the matter of calculations to figure out if power developed by attraction could be greater than power to fire the coil…

Duration : 0:3:4

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hi there im trying to find out how to work out the saftey factor on a steel chain link ?

already know that failing stress over design stress = saftey factor how ever i dont know how to work out faliur stress of a chain link

please help

There are many chain styles available. Chains meant for a dog leash, chains meant for overhead lifting and anchor chains for aircraft carriers. Each one of these will have different safety factors in their design.

You will never be able to find the exact value for failure because there are too many variables like the strength of the metal, the heat treat time, manufacturing defects, etc. Your best bet is to call a chain manufacturer and ask to speak an engineer. Explain why and what your looking for. If they don’t want to help, then call another company.

I’ve found the best way to learn about something is to go right to the source.

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How do you feel about the mandatory high school graduation test?

I live in Ohio and this year approx. 10,000 high school seniors in our state will not be graduating because they could not pass the mandatory graduation test. How do you feel about employing this test as a standard? Do many other states enforce this? Do you feel this is a helpful way to make sure that our nation’s high schoolers are getting a fair shake at an education and not just being passed through the system? Is test anxiety taken into consideration when these are put into the states’ education system?

People here are crying and saying the reason for the test is because of the high drop out rate in high schools across the nation. Others are saying the test is too hard, while even more others are saying that the test is at the level of a 7th grader.

Big controversy here and by the way…students can take this test up to 7 times. Not sure what happens after that magic number 7 though, or why 7 was decided as a good number for a cut-off.

I live in Texas where a similar test is enforced. I passed this test on the first try. Personally, I have mixed feelings about it. When the time came to take the test all of the teachers and faculty decorated the hallways with signs with sayings like "Sail through TAKS". This disgusted me. Teachers began teaching test taking tips rather than teaching the material. I remember my history teacher actually taking thirty minutes to teach us a trick to remember war dates specifically for this test. What I’m getting at is that they tend to teach for the test rather than just teaching. I feel that this actually harms students more than it helps. When I graduated, I soon realized that I could take a test, but that’s about it. College was so different that I had to recreate my study methods just because I was taught rhymes for memorizing instead of material. It is virtually impossible to measure what a student knows just by one test, even if they can take it 7 times. The test may pose some benefits, but I think there should be various methods to test students. A person cannot sum up thirteen years of schooling in just one test.

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Hey Creationists, Check It Out?

Hey creationists, look it’s proof that evolution is real E.Coil has been observed evolving in a lab, you want me too back up my source, you say:

Whats that you say ‘that’s not proof enough for you’, how the fact that nearly all organisms share the same code for translating RNA into proteins There are variations, of course, like the code used by mitochondria and some bacteria and fungi, but the differences are minuscule.

What? That’s still not enough well I am bored of refuting your wild claims that ‘Goddidit’ so I shall let the good ol’ folks at Rationalwiki do it for me.

Now can we all agree evolution is a fact :).

Don’t waste your time. You can’t reason with these people. I appreciate your efforts, though. But all in vain. *sigh*

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Chain Mail 4 in 1 European Pattern

Easy as 2,3,4,5,6,7…what happend to step 1? Well, this is cthonic chain mail at its finest, we hope it helps you in making your very own chain mail vest.

Duration : 0:6:42

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