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What Toyota engine`s have a steel timing chain`s instead of belts? thanks?

All of their new ones do. Most of the older models have them. In fact, more Toyota engines run a timing chain than not.

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How much does it cost to take a high school equivalency test for a GED?

How much does it cost to take a high school equivalency test for a GED? And how long does it take to get the GED? Is it just one simple test?

By the way, I’m 18 years old and I live in California.

It varies in counties. I took my GED in Conejo Valley High school, it cost me $35.00 dollars and took almost 3hours. You can take a prep test to see where your weak points are, I took all 4 test and I was weak in math only. So I was told to study. Best advice is to go to your library, they have GED Preparation books (depends where you live). It’s a very big book and believe me you will need to study. The trick is not to learn every page of the book but understand it. The test vary also, if you fail the first time ( I did) it cost me $15.00 to retake, but the test are never the same.
Good Luck

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a muslim and an athiest on a plane. god exist?

(copy pasted) i will be glad to answer any question or to counter any counter. Religion and the Scientist
…seated side by side, two gentlemen from two different world…
And there they were, on a flight from Cape Town to Durban, seated side by side, two gentlemen from two different worlds…….After the formalities were covered, the conversation continued……..

Bob: I don’t believe in God, but rather in science and technology, something tangible you see, but if you can prove to me scientifically that God does exist then I would consider such a thought.

Yunus: Okay, you being interested in technology, please answer this question……with regard to an advanced machine or electronic device, who would be the one to know the most about its mechanism or functioning?

Bob: Well, perhaps the person who has invented or manufactured such a machine.

Yunus: Can we agree that it is the maker or creator of the product who would know every-thing there is to know about the product.

Bob: I don’t see why not, it sounds reasonable.

Yunus: Being knowledgeable in these matters, the next question I’d like to ask you is, Just how did the world or the universe come into existence?

Bob: According to recent scientific research, the whole universe was one gigantic mass, which scientists call the primary Nebula, they tell us that it was a cosmic explosion or a secondary explosion that gave rise to the sun, the stars, the planets and even the Earth we live on.

Yunus: Is this what you believe?

Bob: Yes of course, these are established facts based on scientific proofs. In fact, this idea was realised in 1973 and termed the ‘BIG BANG’ theory.

Yunus: I see, well I have a surprise for you….In the Holy Quraan, chapter 21, verse 30 says. "Do the disbelievers not see that the heavens and the earth were joined together, then I split them apart". Here we can see that the Holy Quraan is speaking about this ‘BIG BANG’ theory and let me tell you that the Holy Quraan was revealed over 1400 years ago.

Bob: I have heard about the Quraan, but can you refresh my memory.

Yunus: Sure, the Muslim believes the Quraan to be the word of God, pure and unadulterated which was revealed verbally to the Prophet _____ of Islam, Mohammed, Peace be upon him, through the agency of the Angel Gabriel. The Holy Quraan was completed over a period of 23 years, that is over the prophetic life of the Prophet _____________ of Islam.

Bob: Are you sure that the Quraan is over 14 centuries old and secondly, that the Quraan has not been changed.

Yunus: Absolutely, it is a historical fact that the Holy Quraan was completed in the seventh century and has remained unchanged ever since. Historians, whether friends or foes to Islam, testify to this.

Bob: Well then, perhaps it’s a guess.

Yunus:…..What does science say about the shape of the Earth ?

Bob: Previously, Man thought that the Earth was flat, until Sir Frances Drake in 1607 finally proved it to be spherical. Today, the term Geoid is used to describe this spherical shape.

Yunus: Amazingly the Holy Quraan in chapter 31, verse 29 says, "Have you not seen how God merges the night into the day and merges the day into the night." The use of the word merges emphasizes a slow gradual change, and this is not possible if the earth is flat.

Bob: Go on.

Yunus: Further in chapter 39, verse 5, it says, "He coils the night upon the day and he coils the day upon the night." The word used in the original arabic text is "Kaw’wara" which means coils or winds, the significance of this verb is that you usually coil something around a rather spherical object. You say that this fact was discovered recently, well relatively recently, who could have mentioned this in the Holy Quraan over 1400 years ago ?

Bob: I’m not convinced.

Yunus: Fine, tell me where the light of the Moon comes from?

Bob: Centuries ago people thought that the Moon was a miniature version of the Sun and that both emitted their own light, but recently studies confirmed that the Moon reflected the Sun’s light.

Yunus: The Holy Quraan in chapter 25, verse 61 mentions, "Blessed is the one who placed the constellations in the Heaven and placed therein a lamp and a Moon reflecting light." Here the Sun is referred to as a lamp for it has its own illumination, while the Moon is said to have reflected light or borrowed light, meaning not its own.

Bob: Its probably conjecture…guesswork.

Yunus: For the sake of a discussion I won’t argue. Anyway, let us proceed……. When I was in school in the 80’s, my teacher told me that the Sun remains stationary whilst the planets although rotating around their axes do revolve around the Sun as well.

Bob: Is that what your Quraan says, that the Sun is stationary….Ha!

Yunus: No, the Holy Quraan does not say this. Thi

You Got to be out of your fuking mind, if you think I’m going to read the whole pile of steamy horses.h.i.t.

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What type of bicycle chain will not rust?

I have been trying to find a stainless steel bicycle chain, or one that will not rust, currently I have been unable to find one. Keeping my bike out of the rain is not an option so I need a rust proof one. Links to a website where I could buy it would be appreciated.

A properly greased Chain will not Rust. Never use WD-40. Although it lubricates, it actually degreases, and causes rusting. Invest in good Cycling Chain Grease.

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what does it mean when my Prothrombin Time blood test is HIGH?

My Dr. doesn’t know how to answer this either. The results of this blood clotting test came back high. Usually for abnormal bleeding the results are low….need to wait a week to take another test…any insight?

It could mean liver disease, a lot of the clotting factors are made by the liver (I presume you arn’t on warfarin). It also could be a technical error, sometimes the blood clots in the tube consuming coagulation factors and the test appears anbormal.

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can anyone help me with my yu gi oh 5d’s raging battle deck?

i have some cards but i dont know what cards i should take to make my deck so can all yu gi oh players pls send me a message telling me wat cards i should leave and wat cards i should take out. the list of my cards are bellow. thanks louis

monsters- the white stone of legend, iron chain coil(i have 2), psychic jumper, mad archfiend, pursuit chaiser, turbo synchron, gigantic cephalotus, il blud, healing wave generator, mosaic manticore, power injector, gadget driver, blackwing-kalut the moon shadow, emissary from pandemonium, evil thorn, gigastone omega, koa’ki meiru guardian,level warrior, minoan centaur, moja, morphtronic videon, phoenixian seed, spined gillman, and the dark creator

spells- black garden, everliving underwold cannon(2 of them), factory of 100 machines(2 of them), morphtronic engine, black whirlwind, calming magic, double tool c&d, iron core of koa’ki meiru, mind trust, natural tune, and wonder clover

traps- confusion chaff, dna checkup(2 of them), giant trap hole(2 of them), lineage of destruction, morphtronic monitron, revival gift(2 of them), attack of the cornered rat, level retuner, miracle locus, mirror of oaths (2 of them), morphtronic bind(2 of them), proof of powerlessness, and wicked rebirth

Looks like a mess. All those cards are random and have no theme. You should think of a deck based on a theme. I think you should buy a structure deck to start your first real deck.

Here’s a link that you can choose of different structure decks you like best. For my opinion, I like dark emperor deck. Don’t buy starter deck, get a structure deck.

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One bad link in the chain

Acoustic lap steel instrumental dedicated to Parry Thomas who died trying to break the land speed record at Pendine sands on 3rd March 1927

Duration : 0:2:46

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High Definition test – Canon HF100 – 720p HD Rendered

A second advanced test of the Canon HF100. Shot in HD and rendered using Ulead-Videostudio 11.5 PLUS. Settings..25 fps, 1080 x 720. frame based.
setting-( WMV 1080 HD 25fps )

Duration : 0:1:22

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Bedini SSG with Rodin Coil primary

I removed the standard bifilar Bedini coil and replaced it directly with my 24AWG, 210ft, 17-wind Rodin Coil. Since a Rodin Coil has two wires, A1-A2 and B1-B2, a direct swap was easy. And effective! This video is proof-of-concept only; no measurements were taken. My circuit now has a 2SC5353 instead of 4242, and no base resistor (no resistors at all, actually). The rest of circuit is same as my previous videos.

Duration : 0:2:34

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Where can I find out if my car has timing belt or timing chain?

It is a 2001 Honda Accord LX V6. I was once told I have timing chain (steel), rather than timing belt (rubber). Where can I verify this online? I hope it is a chain.

This image should answer your question


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