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Can stainless steel turn black if it gets wet?

I hope this isn’t a stupid question. I just bought a cross and chain. The cross and chain are stainless steel. If I get them wet will they turn black?
For those who did not understand what I was asking-I received it today. It has NOT gotten wet yet. I’m asking because I might forget one of these days to take it off before I get in the shower.

Not if they are really and truly made out of stainless steel. Stainless is real good about living up to it’s name so you should be perfectly safe, unless there are chemicals involved and even then, few really mess with it. Enjoy your new jewelry.

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What to expect with a Catholic high school placement test.?

I am going in to take a placement test for a Catholic high school on Sunday. I have attended a Catholic school all my life, getting good grades. (As and Bs) I am a little nervous. What should I expect. Thanks for your help.

Just basic math and English questions. They’re really like general knowledge tests. If you’ve done well in school, don’t even worry about it.

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Could You Please Check This For Me?

Hi, could you please check this for me?
I also need a title?
What can i improve on?
is my punctuation ok?

Looking back to that frozen, December night, I deeply regret entering that fearsome, gothic castle. Something strange happened to me that night, something strange that has changed me forever…

Massive, wrought, iron gates stood tall, draped in snow covered ivy, gaurding the supernatural world that lay beyond. On either side, mounted on grey stone columns, perched two great crouching rats, carved in stone, each one’s jaw gaping open in a snarl, exposing two rows of weather worn teeth. Their tails coiled neatly around their small, clawed feet.

Beyond the gate lay an entire mysterious land. Forgotten about. Abandoned. Fled from.

The incredulous, thick, cimmerian darkness caped a cloak of sinister evil around the distant, looming silhouette of a castle, of which a long, winding path of bottomless, untrampled, winter, snow lead up to an ancient castle door, which seemed a marathon away from which I stood. A pale moon, dangled, glowing in the foggy, night sky, bathing the scene with a ghostly glow. Storm clouds boiled and frothed in a gloomy sea, swimming towards the castle. Towers belonging to the worn out building, stretched upwards, piercing the sky with their sharp nails. The whole setting was very uninviting, but if it wasn’t for the cold, seasonal weather, i wouldn’t be here. I needed shelter from the snow storm that was silently brewing above me.

The wind began picking up, moaning a thousand painfull cries, warning me of lay in that frightning, unforgiving place. I finally found the courage to tramp up to the castle, towards the unknown, my fate held in the hands of whoever, or whatever may lurk inside.

Up close, the castle was much bigger than it had appeared from the entrance. The huge, worn bricks that built up this tremendous building, were crumbled. A curtain of ivy, covered one half of the castle, had been growing uncontrollably for years. The windows were dust-ridden and stained, some boarded up, with mouldering planks of wood, as if to hide what was concealed inside. Gargoyles, of a considerable size, sat bored on each corner of the castle’s keep.

The whole building was ill, withiring away, left unremembered by past inhabitants, who no doubt had many happy times in the once magnificent home, but the castle had no happiness now, left alone. Unwanted. Happt memories left to decay inside the heart of the neglected castle.

Pushing all thoughts of the past aside, i banged on the rotting, wooden door, desperate to escape the harshening conditions of the outside world. I waited a few minutes. No answer. Maybe it was abandoned after all? The icy cold began to chew away at my bare flesh. The storm was here. Snow began to fall ever so slightly at first, then got thicker and faster by the second. I decided unwillingly to shove the door to see if it opened. CC-RR-EE-AA-KK. The rusty hinges squeled agonisingly, just managing to hold the heavy weight as the door smashed against the stone wall. I walked in,

It was a teneborous, fear-inspiring place to say the least. The vile, obnoxious smell of milldew and mould hit me. A fire was lit at one end of the room, giving the whole, foreboding place an eerie feel. Embers leaped and bounced like children plating together in the hot, summer sun, before disappearing back into the hungry flames.

A long, dusty table stretched from one end of the capacious, hall-like room to the other, a giant, crystal chandeliar hung, directly above the table’s centre, suspended on a bolted chain from the vaultered ceiling. Grand dinners fit for royalty, served on silver platters. Family parties. Seasonal holidays spent together, joyfull and memorable, the proof was all around. Portraits decorating the damp, dreary, peeling walls, showed families happy together, painted in fine acrylic and boarded with golden, engraved frames. There were also a number of large tapestries, embroided with fine, gold thread, sewn to perfection. At the opposite end of the room to the fireplace, were a creaking, unsteady flight of stairs, leading, curving upwards into a murky, shadowless gloom, where vermin festered.

A rusting, once silver, suit of armour, stood to attention in one corner, holding a sword in one gauntlet, cobwebs plasterd to him, his empty eyes staring into forever darkness. On the far wall, was an array of weaponary; pistols; knifes; kudos, and some items i’d never come across before.

The vast echoing room, looked much like a devil’s paradise. A breeding ground for spirits and abnormal entities.

As I studied the room, i failed to notice the dark, shadowy figure, that had arrived at the top of the staircase. He stood bold and tall, with a wooden, staff gripped in one hand, it’s end touching the floor. His shadow alone, matched the stern outline of the Count in the most impressive picture, fastened to the wall above the roaring fireplace.
This is the last paragraph:

As i caught sight of his beady outline, a shiver shot straight down my spine, sending all the blood in my body gushing to my feet, glueing me to the spot.
His chilling, deep, unearthly voice echoed throughout the hall, going straight through me. Curdling my blood. His prescence alone was intimidating.

Hun, there’s a bunch of spelling and grammar mistakes. Unneeded commas, ect, ect.

The idea seems good, but I advise throwing that piece of writing into Microsoft word, it’ll pick up the mistakes for you 🙂


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Ancient Prophecy Full Card List (ENGLISH)

Ancient Prophecy ENGLISH Full Card List

Card List (100)

* ANPR-EN000 XX-Saber Gardestrike (Secret Rare)
* ANPR-EN001 Kuribon (Rare)
* ANPR-EN002 Sunny Pixie (Common)
* ANPR-EN003 Sunlight Unicorn (Common)
* ANPR-EN004 Blackwing – Mistral the Silver Shield (Common)
* ANPR-EN005 Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* ANPR-EN006 Blackwing – Fane the steel chain (Common)
* ANPR-EN007 Morphtronic Magnen Bar (Common)
* ANPR-EN008 Jester Lord (Rare)
* ANPR-EN009 Jester Confit (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN010 Fortune Lady Light (Rare)
* ANPR-EN011 Fortune Lady Fire (Rare)
* ANPR-EN012 Infernity Beast (Common)
* ANPR-EN013 Darksea Rescue (Rare)
* ANPR-EN014 Darksea Float (Common)
* ANPR-EN015 Turbo Rocket (Rare)
* ANPR-EN016 Earthbound Immortal Cusillu (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* ANPR-EN017 Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* ANPR-EN018 Koa’ki Meiru Boulder (Common)
* ANPR-EN019 Koa’ki Meiru Crusader (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN020 Koa’ki Meiru Speeder (Rare)
* ANPR-EN021 Koa’ki Meiru Tornado (Rare)
* ANPR-EN022 Koa’ki Meiru Hydro Barrier (Common)
* ANPR-EN023 Scary Moth (Common)
* ANPR-EN024 Shiny Black C (Common)
* ANPR-EN025 Armed Sea Hunter (Common)
* ANPR-EN026 Divine Dragon Aquabizarre (Common)
* ANPR-EN027 Fishborg Blaster (Common)
* ANPR-EN028 Shark Cruiser (Common)
* ANPR-EN029 Armored Axon Kicker (Common)
* ANPR-EN030 Genetic Woman (Common)
* ANPR-EN031 Magicat (Rare)
* ANPR-EN032 Cyborg Doctor (Common)
* ANPR-EN033 White Potan (Common)
* ANPR-EN034 Minefieldriller (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN035 XX-Saber Faultroll (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN036 XX-Saber Ragigura (Common)
* ANPR-EN037 Flamvell Firedog (Rare)
* ANPR-EN038 Ancient Crimson Ape (Common)
* ANPR-EN039 Falchionß (Rare)
* ANPR-EN040 Ancient Fairy Dragon (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Ghost Rare)
* ANPR-EN041 Turbo Cannon (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN042 Archfiend Zombie-Skull (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN043 Ancient Sacred Wyvern (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* ANPR-EN044 XX-Saber Gottoms (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* ANPR-EN045 Release Restraint Wave (Common)
* ANPR-EN046 Silver Wing (Common)
* ANPR-EN047 Advance Draw (Common)
* ANPR-EN048 Ancient Forest (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN049 Emergency Assistance (Common)
* ANPR-EN050 Spirit Burner (Common)
* ANPR-EN051 Future Visions (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN052 Core Compression (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN053 Core Blaster (Common)
* ANPR-EN054 Solidarity (Rare)
* ANPR-EN055 Hydro Pressure Cannon (Common)
* ANPR-EN056 Water Hazard (Common)
* ANPR-EN057 Brain Research Lab (Common)
* ANPR-EN058 Saber Slash (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN059 Sword of Sparkles (Common)
* ANPR-EN060 Rekindling (Common)
* ANPR-EN061 Ancient Leaf (Common)
* ANPR-EN062 Fossil Dig (Common)
* ANPR-EN063 Skill Successor (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN064 Reinforce Truth (Rare)
* ANPR-EN065 Pixie Ring (Common)
* ANPR-EN066 Fairy Wind (Common)
* ANPR-EN067 Imperial Custom (Common)
* ANPR-EN068 Discord (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN069 Slip of Fortune (Common)
* ANPR-EN070 Depth Amulet (Common)
* ANPR-EN071 Damage Translation (Common)
* ANPR-EN072 Battle Teleportation (Common)
* ANPR-EN073 Core Reinforcement (Rare)
* ANPR-EN074 Iron Core Luster (Common)
* ANPR-EN075 Battle of the Elements (Common)
* ANPR-EN076 Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord (Common)
* ANPR-EN077 Psychic Soul (Common)
* ANPR-EN078 Flamvell Counter (Common)
* ANPR-EN079 At One With the Sword (Common)
* ANPR-EN080 A Major Upset (Common)
* ANPR-EN081 XX-Saber Fulhelmknight (Rare)
* ANPR-EN082 Koa’ki Meiru Ghoulungulate (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* ANPR-EN083 Koa’ki Meiru Gravirose (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* ANPR-EN084 Psychic Emperor (Rare)
* ANPR-EN085 Card Guard (Secret Rare)
* ANPR-EN086 Flamvell Commando (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* ANPR-EN087 Pseudo Space (Rare)
* ANPR-EN088 Greed Grado (Secret Rare)
* ANPR-EN089 Revival of the Immortals (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN090 Arcana Knight Joker (Rare)
* ANPR-EN091 Armityle the Chaos Phantom (Secret Rare)
* ANPR-EN092 White Night Dragon (Secret Rare)
* ANPR-EN093 Card Blocker (Secret Rare)
* ANPR-EN094 Gaia Plate the Earth Giant (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
* ANPR-EN095 Sauropod Brachion (Rare)
* ANPR-EN096 Gaap the Divine Soldier (Rare)
* ANPR-EN097 Beast Machine King Barbaros Ür (Super Rare)
* ANPR-EN098 Kasha (Secret Rare)
* ANPR-EN099 Elemental Hero Gaia (Secret Rare)

Duration : 0:8:13

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Yamaha Tenere High Country Test Part 4

After some great fast trails, Philippe high sided the bike at speed and seriously injures himself. The challenge then was to rescue him.

Duration : 0:11:52

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Dan Winter’s Imploder combined with Marko Rodin’s coil – Magnetic Phase Conjugated Water

The results after watering plants and consuming the water after cycling it through the imploder are off the scale.

350% growth in plants.
See the first 3 websites for A Lot of information and verification, comparison pictures, etc.

Within the past year… there have been MAJOR breakthroughs in the physics of magnetism which allow for unimaginable applications.

Rodin Coil playing under water:

Non-Linear Magnetics (CMR):

Non-Contact Attachment (CMR):

Breakthrough in magnetism:

Eugene Podkletnov Rare Interview:

Ed Leedskalnin beat “modern” science by 100 years. Haha
Discovery of “Magnetricity”:

Ed Leedskalnin and Coral Castle:


Vortex Water:

Please enjoy this video playlist with over 24 hours of interviews, demonstrations, proof, recent updates and the history of PROFESSOR JOHN SEARL’s work with magnetics, free energy and inverse gravity:

A Recent Message from Searl Magnetics:

Add me on Facebook.

Imagine applying the combined knowledge attained by people like Dan Winter, Marko Rodin, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Walter Russell, Viktor Schauberger, Ed Leedskalnin, John Keely, Professor John Searl, Ernst Chladni, Tibetan monks, etc.

That’s what I’m trying to accomplish with this on-going experimentation and research. It’s been a long journey to understand the correlations between all those brilliant minds and there’s still a long way to go.

There are major similarities between all these people’s work.
Phi, Spin, Implosion, Magnetics, Harmonics, Resonance, Sacred Geometry, Spirituality, etc.

Most all of the people are self taught and present information contradictory to mainstream and so-called “modern” science.

Water has about the same diamagnetic quality as copper.
Water = -0.91
Copper = -1
Bismuth = -16.6
Silver= -2.6

I think we are overlooking something here..

They hold a charge, but a SELF charge. That charge can’t be measured in relation to other things. Meaning, the increased SELF MAGNETISM won’t attract nor repel other materials, but the internal energy is enhanced. (Chi)

It’s like regular magnetism attracts and repels objects, but this increased atomic energy comes from spinning in a universal phi proportion.


Water and electrons behave the same.
So if you can energize water by recycling it through Dan Winter’s imploder system, then why can’t we send an electric charge through the same process of spiraling and pass it through magnetic phase conjugated cylinders?

Aerating water increases the oxygen content and cycling the water through the imploder increases it’s magnetic energy content..

So why can’t we recycle the energy from a battery using the same principles and fill the electrons that are currently there with more energy like a sponge?

Wetter water means lower surface tension.I sense that electrons are like sponges for magnetic energy just as water molecules soak in oxygen and reach a saturation point.

We are using “tap electricity” just like we are drinking “tap water”.
The energy from a car battery is untreated.

You can take some tap water and turn it into super water. I think we can take a regular battery and turn it into super electricity by cycling the current in the same fashion as the water through the imploder.
Follow the path of water.
“Be Water my friend.” – Bruce Lee

I think “over-unity” is actually filling up electrons to their max capacity of energy.
An energy saturation point.
A water molecule reaches it’s oxygen saturation point and can only hold so much.
But you have to aerate the water. If you want more energy, you have to spin it in a vortex and cycle it through opposing magnetic fields.

Rather than a tube of water going through the cylindrical magnets that are forced together, I think we could send a wire through the cylinders. Connect that to stacked Rodin Coils which oppose each other. Loop it back to the battery and re-cycle it.

I think we’ll find that the amount of energy output grows even with the same input because you’re allowing the electrons to saturate with more energy from the Dirac Sea.

Duration : 0:3:55

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need to find the best chain supplier in the united states,pintle/ steel detachable / agricultural roller chain?

Contact trade associations or to get offers from suppliers and manufacturers of roller chains, send an email with your requirement to

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what does it mean if your blood test shows high levels of sodium?

my husband had a blood test recently & his doctor has asked him to have another one as he had high sodium levels?
does anyone know what this means?
many thanks

Sodium (Na) in Blood
A sodium test checks how much sodium (an electrolyte and a mineral) is in the blood. Sodium is both an electrolyte and mineral. It helps keep the water (the amount of fluid inside and outside the body’s cells) and electrolyte balance of the body. Sodium is also important in how nerves and muscles work.

Most of the sodium in the body (about 85%) is found in blood and lymph fluid. Sodium levels in the body are partly controlled by a hormone called aldosterone, which is made by the adrenal glands. Aldosterone levels tell the kidneys when to hold sodium in the body instead of passing it in the urine. (See a picture of the adrenal glands or the kidneys.) Small amounts of sodium are also lost through the skin when you sweat.

Most foods have sodium naturally in them or as an ingredient in cooking. Sodium is found in table salt as sodium chloride or in baking soda as sodium bicarbonate. Many medicines and other products also have sodium in them, including laxatives, aspirin, mouthwash, and toothpaste.

Too much sodium in the diet may raise blood pressure in some people. For those who have high blood pressure, eating foods with a lot of sodium makes their chance of heart disease, stroke, and kidney damage higher. Heart failure gets worse when too much sodium is eaten. It increases the amount of water the body holds in and this causes swelling of the legs and hands. Some people have problems when they eat more than 4,000 milligrams (mg) of sodium per day.

Low sodium levels are uncommon and most often occur as a side effect of taking medicines that make you urinate more, such as diuretics. Severe diarrhea or vomiting or heavy sweating may also cause low sodium levels.

Other electrolytes, such as potassium, calcium, chloride, magnesium, and phosphate, may be checked in a blood sample at the same time as a blood test for sodium.

Why It Is Done
A blood test to check sodium levels is done to:

Check the water and electrolyte balance of the body.
Find the cause of symptoms from low or high levels of sodium.
Check the progress of diseases of the kidneys or adrenal glands.
How To Prepare
You do not need to do anything before having this test.

Talk to your health professional about any concerns you have regarding the need for the test, its risks, how it will be done, or what the results will mean. To help you understand the importance of this test, fill out the medical test information form (What is a PDF document?) .

How It Is Done
Blood test
The health professional drawing blood will

Wrap an elastic band around your upper arm to stop the flow of blood. This makes the veins below the band larger so it is easier to put a needle into the vein.
Clean the needle site with alcohol.
Put the needle into the vein. More than one needle stick may be needed.
Attach a tube to the needle to fill it with blood.
Remove the band from your arm when enough blood is collected.
Put a gauze pad or cotton ball over the needle site as the needle is removed.
Put pressure to the site and then a bandage.

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My craptastic Chapter One. Opinions and editing advice please =)?

Chapter One:
King Cobra

I was dead.

I couldn’t remember why or how– but I was. That fact wouldn’t change. I bore no battle wounds; there was no sign of physical damage, and I knew there was no internal damage either. I had simply died–natural causes.

I was in a pitch black tunnel with an illuminating bright light at its end. It was desperately far from where I was, but some of its rays did reach me. The darkness seemed to give more girth than it wanted. It paled at what the light touched, frightened.

This was only further proof that I had died. I had read too many articles of tales from people claiming to have died and come back to life; they had depicted it like this. But one glaring element was missing; the key essential ingredient. There was no silhoutte patiently awaiting for my arrival in the light. There was only nothing. Even if I did reach the end of the tunnel, would I want to leave? Did I want to see what lay beyond? Would there even be anything for me? I was already comfortable with the stability provided by just standing here, I didn’t want anymore.

But that was no longer an avaliable option. A fear coiled around me like a snake, the only way to possibly escape was by running toward the light, the light that led to the end. When I lifted my feet they felt oddly heavy and sluggish, forcing me to run in slow motion. I didn’t seem to be making any progress, but, if possible, I was being sunk backwards. The light distanced itself further from me with each resonating step I took, plunging me deeper and deeper into its dark depths.

I was boggled, theories of motion meant next to nothing here. The light was so far away that it now was only a mere white speck, its rays had no chance of reaching me here. The darkness became threatening, more eminante and pronounced then before. It circulated itself closer until it became suffocating.

My legs were now just heavy ledded weights, any efforts made to move them were beginning to be pointless. But I had to continue going on–staying still was futile. A soft hiss whispered from behind me, but there was no reverberation of it in the tunnel; the sound had fallen dead upon its walls. Movement became impossible and I was rooted where I stood, panting heavily. Profuse sweat that hadn’t been there before was now trickling slowly down my face. I pivoted on the spot, turning around to look at the darkness that stretched on for infinity. I couln’t distinguish a shape in the mass, but I heard it. Another hiss filled the tunnel, but it was closer to me this time.

The short hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, goosebumps infested my arm. My heartbeat quickened into the fast tempo of a bass drum, each strike ruminated in my ears and canceled out the piercing silence of the tunnel. My body so wanted to sit down and take a quick breather, but I was paranoid that I would seep through the floor like quicksand, which in this place would have been something logical to suspect.

Another hiss, even closer; directly beneath me. I wasn’t given the merciful chance to build any kind of anticipation.
The invisible snake rose and wrapped itself around my body until I was paralyzed from the neck down. A King Cobra–it was so much heavier than anything I had ever felt before. It hissed again, softly into my ears; telling me words I couldn’t understand, but the meaning behind them I could easily comprehend. It was a warning, a precaution, an apology for what was about to follow. My heart stammered and breathing became an impossible fate. I imagined its fangs piercing every part of my body even though–hopefully– the snake would only strike once, but I had no way of knowing where. So, I prepared ever part of me for its bite.

It hissed again, as if it wanted to know if I was ready or not. No, I would never be, was the thought that sprang to mind, but my mouth wasn’t cooperating with the signals sent from my brain. It was shut tight, congealed over with hot wax. Another hiss. Here I come.

Two sharp stabs came into my neck–like having two vaccinations given at the same time. The secreted venom of its hooked fangs began to flow into my bloodstream, spreading quickly throughout me. I was no longer capable of even standing. I collapsed. My hands couldn’t even splay out to break the fall. My vision became oddly disfigured, like I was cross-eyed, and my stomach gave sickening contortions. I fought against the strong urge to throw up.

I had predicted all of this, I had even subconsciously prepared myself for it. What I could never have been ready for was the severe pain that was to follow.

The venom was making its way through my cardiovascular system and was preparing to attack the main organ: My heart. It was like a timer had been planted there, and each beat of it was a pandoric countdown that ticked off the seconds until the bomb would set off. Five, four, three, two. My vision became even more hazy, tears had formed on the corners of my eyes, waiting to fall.


I had wanted, counted upon it to be a quick explosion that would shatter my heart into pieces. A swift and easy death, but instead something completly unwarranted happend. When the bomb exploded it did not send off vicious fires or any lethal gas, but thousands of sharp needles. They pierced the whole of my heart, not a fraction was spared.

With every breath I took my heart pounded painfully as the nedles sunk themselves further in. So, I simply stopped in hopes the pain would end as well, but instead it wove even deeper inside. I tried to breathe again, but when I drew breath, I found there to be no more oxygen left.

My mind was beginning to give up as I began to submerge into a state of unconsciousness. Everything coalesced into a single, final thought, the fact that was now more greater and resolute than before.

I am dead.

that is awsome! i really like it!

two things though:
1.) "The venom was making its way through my cardiovascular system" the word cariovascular ruins it a bit. in the middle of all this mystery and action, throwing in a science word doesnt work very well
2.) when hes counting down to his "death" (is he dying if hes already dead?) u should make it more drawn out. ex: 5..4…3…vision gets hazy…2…tears form at my eyes…one. its much more dramatic. maybe even put more symtoms inbetween 5, 4, and 3

otherwise, your writing is excelent and u should definetly keep going!

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Black patent stiletto 5.5″ steel heels

Me trying on my new pair of sexy heels!

Duration : 0:0:26

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