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All The World is Green (lap steel and marimba Tom Waits cover)

One of my favorite Tom Waits songs. I wanted to keep it short and sweet, so I based this on the Letterman ’02 version he did, which is missing the second verse.

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Lap steel signal chain: Azalea lap steel, ibanez VL10 volume pedal, UA solo 610 mic pre, Firepod, Logic Pro 9, Waves Supertap 2 Delay, Waves SSL channel strip.

The malletkat is triggering Dave Samuels Marimba sample library. I also took the low range of the malletkat and triggered acoustic bass sounds in Logic.

Mics: Rode NT2 and MXL 2001.

Duration : 0:3:16

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Runescape 300 Billion Giveaway! [Hightest Giveaway in Rs]!!!


Wow Partyhats rose up in price! So i buyed more and more and ended up with 170 Bil win.
So i decide to giveaway 300 Bil +!

Bank video is coming soon.

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Enjoy this video.

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Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act? 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Duration : 0:2:47

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The best source of clean, hugely abundant free electricity, that is everywhere on the planet. Finally, a great riddle has been solved.
Thanks to wonderful researchers like Nikola Tesla, Victor Schauberger, Lee Rogers, Stan Meyers, Andrija Puharch, Daniel Dingle, Floyd Sweet, Wilhelm Reich, Keely, Chris Hunter, Bob Boyce, Richard Clem, Viktor Grebennikov, Milkovic, Herman Anderson, Thomas Moray, Tom Bearden, Charles Pogue, Bendini, and Yahweh.
How to build a Tesla coil-
Tesla’s Electric car-
Proof that sparks move towards the Tesla coil, see the many photos and video on this page, very exciting-
High voltage in acrylic-

Tesla coil-

Don’t try this-

Duration : 0:9:30

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Stainless Steel Jewelry?

I want to buy a chain that will last a long time and that i can wear ALL the time.

What are the disadvantages to stainless steel jewelry?
Does it look as good as silver?
Is there much diference in apperance?

I think stainless steel looks very cool on men! As a jeweler, I do not usually work with steel (it has to be forged, heated to high temp), but I do have an antique nail ring of aged blackened steel. Initially I wore it with the steel on my skin and the skin was stained. So, then I put gold inlay in it and now it is perfect and I get lots of compliments. Believe me it is NOT cheap:
see R400 at

Go for the stainless steel chain if you like it. It does look different than silver and has a more machine like metallic luster (I think). By the way, good stainless steel chains are often more expensive than silver. So don’t let anyone laugh at you.

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what make triglyceride high in blood test?

does anyone know what kind of food that make triglyceride level high in blood test?
how to reduce that level?
is that could cause a heart problem?

alcoholic beverages, sugars, candies, sweet cereals, donuts, cookies, cakes, jams and jellies, pancake syrup, you got the idea? These all increase the triglycerides and cough drops..anything that has sugar or sugar products in it.

yes, high triglycerides can contribute to heart disease.

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#70 “Lets go to the Races” 5ft X 4ft W/ 4 tracks Chain lift

4 different tracks race each other to the bottom. Chain lift lifts 1-3/8″ glass marbles. All stainless steel, TIG welded. 5 RPM AC motor.
See more:
Completed Nov 2007 by Matthew Gaulden

Duration : 0:3:3

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Bates Ele. Students Dunk Principal for High Test Scores

Bates Elementary Principal rewards students for scoring high on tests.

Duration : 0:1:25

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The Tinfoil Tuque Test: Do Tinfoil Hats Work?

Mrfixitrick demonstrates the Faraday cage effect of a tinfoil hat by blocking the “woodpecker” EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) from a typical wireless modem.

A Crystal Quantum Radio made by EJ Gold is used as the pickup coil, and it is wired directly to the computer sound in. The program Audio Hijack Pro is used to interpret the audio signal in real time.

See more of my Crystal Quantum Radio experiments in this playlist :

Check out Crystal Quantum Radios and Beta-Blocker amulets (including new Protector amulets) from EJ Gold at

Duration : 0:3:8

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How hard is it to cut steel? namely this thingy (see details)?

The product U-80 the steel chain hood lock. about 5th down

Approximatly, what would be the fastest anyone could cut through that?

And could anyone cut through it with a really small tool?


With an angle grinder running of a battery pack using a metal cut off blade I bet I could cut through that in 10-15 seconds.

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Is there a homemade test for high blood pressure?

i dont wanna go to doctors. any test i can see if i got high blood pressure?

coz my mum does.

Go to your local pharmacy like CVS and they have a blood pressure testing machine there.

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