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Is this true, in England they lower a whole cow with a stainless steel chain down into an apple cider silo to?

dissolve in a year and blend into the cider? I was told that when they raise the chain,all that is left is some bones. A British Marine stationed near the Sinai told me this.
Might that be the same Michael Jackson that hosted a radio talk show/ He was also left leaning,but very interesting.
Might that be the same Michael Jackson that hosted a radio talk show/ He was also left leaning,but very interesting.
Corn silos are drained for the alcohol in it, likewise apples leave juice in the silo. Like the posted answer and not yours,this was probably from the past,when people had little choice in food preservation.

no. not anymore. certainly not with the advent of modern artificial enzymes and addatives that are vegan or vegetarian and tested and approved for the use in fermentation.
possibly in home brewing, but i doubt it very much.
by the way, in England. it it just Cider. not apple cider. cider is ALWAYS apple! this is like calling regular wine, grape wine.
occasionally you get a pear cider, but traditionally this is called Perry or Pear Cider.

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prisoners feet in heavy leg irons with a short chain (steel bondage)

prisoner with heavy leg irons short chain steel bondage

Duration : 0:0:59

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2012 Ford Ranger High Altitude Test Drive

COLOGNE, Germany, 26 October, 2011 — The all-new Ford Ranger combines the toughness and capability of a pickup truck with smart technology, outstanding safety and the highest standards of quality and comfort.

Ranger will be offered in three cab bodystyles — Double, Super and Regular — along with an extensive list of practical features that are available in four series choices in Europe. All three cab styles are among the roomiest in the segment. The compact pickup will also come in 4×2 and 4×4 drivetrains.

Totally new from the ground up, Ranger was designed and developed to be best-in-class or amongst the leaders in every area important to customers, especially those who use it for both work and leisure purposes. Ranger now delivers more payload and class-leading towing capability and, at the same time, is fitted out with innovative and comfort features that a dual user has come to want and value.

“The all-new Ranger is a perfect example of how our ‘One Ford’ global strategy works,” said Ford of Europe Chairman and CEO Stephen Odell. “Far from producing a vehicle that is compromised by the need to serve different market requirements, it was developed by drawing on resources, facilities and expertise from Ford locations around the world to deliver an excellent product that will satisfy customers everywhere.

“The range of qualities pickup customers demand from their vehicle is far greater than the differences in conditions from country to country. The real challenge has been to build a Ranger that is tough and yet comfortable, rugged yet stylish, safe, technologically advanced and powerful, yet remaining affordable. We believe the team has succeeded in every goal. There is no compromise here”.

Developed for the world

Designed and developed by a global team headquartered in Australia, the new Ranger platform takes advantage of global Ford assets, particularly robust engines and six-speed transmissions proven in tough commercial-vehicle usage. The design and product development teams also had full access to Ford’s global capabilities, testing facilities and extensive pickup truck knowledge.

The collaboration was crucial in developing the all-new Ranger. Everything is new — engines, gearboxes, frame, suspension, steering system, brakes, chassis, exterior sheet metal and vehicle interior. The list continues with brand-new features for safety and passenger comfort.

“Ranger is truly all-new,” said Jim Baumbick, engineering director, Product Development, Ford Asia Pacific and Africa. “Developing this compact pickup from scratch was an exciting opportunity that allowed us to closely benchmark what our competitors are doing, listen to what truck customers around the world want and deliver a vehicle that meets and exceeds expectations.”

Using latest computer technologies, the product development team conducted about 30,000 computer-aided assessments on areas such as safety, durability, ergonomics, vehicle dynamics and aerodynamics during the virtual phase. Of these, 7,500 virtual assessments were carried out in the under-body to ensure a robust vehicle foundation and more than 10,000 virtual assessments on the upper-body to align styling and functional requirements.

Once Ranger prototypes were ready, they were tested extensively in 15 countries around the world to deliver a vehicle that is tough enough for the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback, provides confidence when driven on high-speed German autobahns and is reliable when driven for hours in the endlessness of the Argentinean Pampa.

Tested in places such as Australia, Dubai, Thailand, North America, Brazil, Sweden and South Africa, Ranger had to face severe heat and cold, monsoon rains, high altitudes as well as rushing rivers, arid deserts and potholed roads. Prototypes clocked more than a million kilometres on the road supported by countless hours of exhaustive testing in state-of-the-art laboratories.

Volume production was initiated in Thailand, for markets in the Asia Pacific region and followed by the newly revamped manufacturing facilities in South Africa, which produces Ranger for the home market and Europe, as well as emerging markets in Africa. Later this year, Argentina will begin production of the pickup for South America. Ultimately, Ranger will be sold in 180 markets, making it one of the farthest-reaching Ford products in the world.

Duration : 0:3:9

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Spin a steel chain

ickfa, whip, meteor, poi, jiujiebianSpin a steel chain

Duration : 0:1:10

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Test of Fire: Election 2012 (Official HD Version – Catholic)

Some things are more important than high gas prices or a faltering economy. They are life, marriage and freedom. Will you vote the values that will stand the test of fire? Produced by:

Watch the Evangelical version here:

Visit for more details.

Please share this video with your friends!

Duration : 0:3:8

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Thirty Proof Coil Teaser Trailer

“Thirty proof coil” screens at Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival, Oct. 21-23, 2011 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A young woman is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger and chained in an eerie, dilapidated barn. Unwilling to play the victim, she plots a daring escape. With thirst and hunger bearing down, her grip on reality loosens. Can she free herself from the chain and the haunting visions? Why is she here? Is that strange presence outside the barn her imagination or the reason for her capture? ‘Thirty Proof Coil’ uses brilliant acting, a dramatic location and unabashed indie enthusiasm to punch viewers right in the nose.

Stars Calico Cooper (daughter of rock legend Alice Cooper)

Duration : 0:0:53

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Test Steel chain & Heavy Outdoor knife by Oleg Krymlin

No any Cutting edge damage!

Duration : 0:0:34

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High Power Multipurpose Flashlight – Nebo Redline 5557

Check out our web store! We have shirts and hats to match your style! All proceeds go towards supporting the network.

The Nebo Redline 5557 is an excellent high power flashlight that boasts high power (220 lumens rated for 4 hours) at an affordable price tag. For tactical use I would recommend a flashlight that has been tested for maximum durability against water, temperature and shock. While the flashlight passed the temperature test, the water test could not be run due to it failing the shock test after two drops. I would, however, recommend this flashlight for camping, backpacking, house use, the car, etc.

Duration : 0:7:39

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How long does it take for high school drug test results to come back?

How long does it take for high school drug test results to come back?
High school Urine test

about 3 days and it is possible you will not be told a thing is it comes up negative. In this case, no news is good news. Do not make the mistake of asking when it will be in or you will draw attention to yourself being worried and you will be a future target. Good luck and take care.

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Homeade Ethanol Questions?

Disclaimer: I am over the age of 18. With a permit, it is legal for me to distil MY own alcohol.

I want to distil my own ethanol fuel for my Subaru. My vehicle is Stage 3 & has all the correct supporting mods to be able to run on Ethanol fuel. Of course, I will need another tune yet.

I have am no expert on the distillation process, but I will be doing my homework. I hope my questions help clarify a few things. Thanks in advance!

What is "Mash." -Is this just any substance that contains simple sugars? So, sugar can be called "mash?" Trick question right? "Mash" is a substance where yeast has already been added, therefore the substance has fermented. So, the substance is not called "mash" until it has fermented, correct?

Best ingredients to make Mash? Sugar right? I guess this depends on your resources. I live in southern Minnesota, therefore I am surrounded by corn fields. Would corn be a better substance for me to use rather than sugar?

My understanding of the distillation process:

Take a container, fill it with water that has a temperature between 100 F & 115 Fahrenheit. Add a bit of yeast & sugar to the container. Leave the cap loose so air can escape. Let the container sit & ferment for a few weeks. Take your fermented "mash & place it in a sealed container like a pressure cooker. This pressure cooker will have an escape tube on top that extends to a coil within another container. This coil will have another coil around it that has cold water running through it. This is to get the vapor (is this alcohol?) to condense quicker. Anyways, the vapor turns into alcohol in liquid form as it’s running through the coils & pours into a container.

Now from my understanding you have Ethanol that should be between 160 & 180 proof? W/ ethanol, you need to have 200 proof. I forget, but there was another distillation step that granted you 200 proof.

Then the Ethanol is mixed with gasoline at an 85/15 ratio. What type of gasonline do you mix it with? Does it always have to be premium 91 or 93? Or can you mix it with 87 octane or…?

Now how to make it with corn? I thought there was another step where the corn had to be dried, crushed, & something else?

Hold up. I guess these are the 5 Steps to make ethanol from corn:

Dry-Grind Ethanol Processing Steps
1. Milling
2. Liquefaction
3. Saccharification
4. Fermentation
5. Distillation and recovery

So for step 1, I would take the corn (that has been dried), then mash it up into a powerdery substance? Why are heat stable enzyhmes added after the corn has been mashed up?

Oh yeah, that extra step to get your ethanol to 200 proof is called molecular sieving.

Ethanol production from CORN: Check this website: AND

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