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Switchblade, Balisongs, Push Dagger, Knuckles, Chain, Trench Knives

Note: This is an old video, new videos are all in HD, subscribe if you are interested in knives by Spyderco, Cold Steel, Emerson, Benchmade and more, as well as tomahawks, swords, and machete.

Weapons Shown:

1. Benchmade Spike
2. Involuntary Surgery Instrument
3. Thrilla from Manila
4. “Persuasion”
5. Steel Injector
6. Snitch Ender Bowie
7. Face Smasher
8. Manriki Assbeater
9. Deadly Junk
10. Iron Enema otherwise known as Bad Karma, M*therfucker

Duration : 0:5:25

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Test of High-Powered Clever-Lever Gadget

Test detonation of clever-lever gadget with twice the power of the clever-lever gadget on America’s Got Talent semi-finals.

Duration : 0:1:10

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Jeremy Blanchard and Draven Vargas Have The Advantage!

Just moments ago in Keizer, Jeremy Blanchard defeated J_Sin Sullivan after smashing Sullivan in the face with a steel chain provided by Draven Vargas! Blanchard’s win gives his team a huge advantage this Sunday WAR GAMES! And the steel chain to the face was just a taste of the brutality to come this weekend!

This Sunday, October 28th in Portland at the Charles Jordan Community Center, it’s Halloween Horrors: WAR GAMES!

Team Sullivan vs Team Blanchard – 10 Men, 2 Rings, 1 Steel Cage! Fans bring the weapons!

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Duration : 0:2:3

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High School Trailer (2012)

High School Trailer (2012).
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A student must pass a drug test after taking a hit for the first time. To beat this test, he decide to drug the rest of the university !
High School Movie Trailer (2012). The movie, directed by John Stalberg and starring Adrien Brody, Michael Chiklis, Colin Hanks and Matt Bush, opens april 20th 2012.

Duration : 0:2:31

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Homemade log trailer: Upclose video

How I built it

Duration : 0:7:21

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Chevrolet Tahoe | 2013 | Frontal Crash Test | NHTSA High Speed Camera | CrashNet1

Crash test dummies representing an average-sized adult
male and a small-sized adult female are placed in the
driver and front passenger seats, respectively, and are
secured with seat belts. Vehicles are crashed into a fixed
barrier at 35 mph (56.3km/h), which is equivalent to a
head-on collision between two similar vehicles each moving
at 35 mph.

Chevy Tahoe LS 4WD 2011
Chevy Tahoe LS 4WD 2012
Chevy Tahoe LS 4WD 2013
Vehicle Test Weight: 5678 lbs.

Overall: 4 Stars
Frontal: 5 Stars
Side: 5 Stars
Rollover: 3 Stars

Overall vehicle score and frontal crash ratings should ONLY be compared to other vehicles of similar size and weight. Side crash rating results can be compared across all classes because all vehicles are hit with the same force by the same moving barrier or pole.

Do you think this vehicle is safe when compared to others in the same class?
Do you like the test result?

Subscribe to CrashNet1!

Duration : 0:8:5

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Free Energy Proof! Nikola Tesla Technology?

PLEASE READ! I do not know if everyone is going to understand what we are doing in this experiment or not. But anyone who has studied and researched Nikola Tesla’s work with capacitors and radiant energy should understand this video demonstration. It should be clear and evident of what we are hinting here! The free energy gain is very small in this device, but it is a gain non the less! But where does this free energy come from? Is it being created? No, no one can create energy, only God can do that. But if you take a close look at all our free energy motors and devices you will see we are only tapping into a God given energy that is all around us 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Some of this energy can be captured by copper coils and capacitance pulses. For example: Take two copper plates of the exact same size, and sandwhich them together with an air space of 1/8″. Now apply a quick pulse of 2,700 volts DC to the two plates going thru an air coil of 700 turns of #27 wire. The top plate will collect the negative DC and the bottom plate will collect the positive DC. But what is inbetween the air space? Static? Radiant energies? Can a motor and generator be made to run and use these energies? The answer to that is YES! See our NEW – Fuelless Engine Model # 2 motor / generator at: They will no longer allow us to manufacture these motors, but we can offer you the plans.

I hope you have enjoyed this video. If you would like the plans to this device contact us.

Thank you
David Waggoner
Creative Science & Research
PO BOX 557
New Albany, IN. 47151-0557

Phone: 1-812-945-5839 ( our main web since 1996 )

Duration : 0:3:41

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Mittleider Gardening: How To Build T-Frames for Vertical Gardening

These six foot wide Mittleider T-frames for vertical gardening are one of the keys to maximizing your harvest from a four foot wide grow box or in-the-ground garden. Here I show you step-by-step how I built my T-frames and include all the links so you can know exactly where to get what you need and get a cost estimate too.


– Seven 4 x 4 x 8 #2 Pine Pressure-Treated Lumber:

– Four 2 x 4 x 8 #2 Pressure-Treated Lumber:

– Six 6 in. 60D Galvanized Steel Common Nails:

– Forty Feet of Galvanized steel chain-Link Fence Tension Wire:

– Twenty-eight Decking and Outdoor Screws #9 x 3 in.:


– Eight Wire Rope Thimble and Clamp Sets:

– Eight 5/16 in. x 9-3/8 in. Turnbuckles:

– Eight 5/16 in. x 4 in. Lag Thread Screw Eyes:

Duration : 0:7:56

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Autonomous High Altitude Refueling (AHR) test flight

This DARPA video shows excerpts of a close-proximity test flight of two
modified RQ-4A Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles. This demonstration
proved for the first time that High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) class
aircraft can safely and autonomously perform the steps required for
in-flight refueling. The video shows the probe reaching the necessary
pre-contact position for refueling and an autonomous breakaway. For more
information on DARPA’s Autonomous High-Altitude Refueling program (AHR),

Duration : 0:0:57

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VesGen 101a coil test 2 PROOF No Bedini / Hybrid, Tesla or Starship On Teep not IAEC.avi

This video is for some questions from some members on the Teep Forum that there may be another power source being used for the ratings in output on the coil. SO for the next 13 + min I confirm that this is not a true claim and that in fact we are not using any type of extra power.

Disassemble and reassembly on camera no cuts or edits have been made even our little problems are all caught on film for you to have a good laugh at. Take 2 was not an option we wanted to show you exactly what we do and how we do our testing with no edits.

Again we welcome this investigative questions and concerns as this is yet another way to prove concept and ratings for the new V-Coil. Thank you to the Teep Forum for the space to post this work and to have such a huge growing interest and question stand point.
Not a Bedini coil, Tesla coil or Starship coil not an alternator coil but a new concept in manufacturing coils that are small light weight and use 60% less wire to gain 70% more functional power then any compared standard coil.

The following video showing a set of V-coils is a work in progress to provide feedback information in the optimizing our power index to magnetic flux rate in a controlled speed and rotor moment.

Since our main mover is a consistent speed and force rate it is possible to do very controlled testing form a simple crude rotor system powered by an AC motor that in no way changes the output power form our coils here in testing.

Standard Bedini coils and other coils shown on many forums such as Energetic, IAEC, and even Teep, have been tested and are being tested to compare all power ratings to the V-coil, on our control crude test rig. To date we have found none that are able to sustain the loaded power outputs of the V-coil.

In the following set of tests you will see this set of V coils in stages conforming to the magnetic index and become optimized for the rotor being used.

As always feel free to comment post your video responses and email me form my channel.

SEG Bedidi alternative power generator generation IAEC TEEP AC DC pulse Tesla Free Energy magnet magnetic fusion off grid green wind water steam Solar Nikola Tesla Inventor Solar Energy Coil Invention Global Warming Change Climate Gas Environment Clean Save America Technology Climate Change Renewable Hydrogen Lenz Lenzless Hybrid

Duration : 0:13:31

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