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How do you get rid of the smell of steel?

I make chain mail once in a while for fun, and it actually starts to have a weird smell/feel to it after a while, or if it’s wet. Any way to fix this?
Well, after it becomes wet it kinda has a chalky feeling to it, it smells iunno. Though yeah. Maybe I should ask knights.

I would recommend keeping it oiled regularly. The thin oil film will seal in any odors and will keep the steel feeling smooth, as well as protect it against rusting. Extra virgin olive oil would probably be best, which is what I like to use on high carbon steel knives (as well as a few antique swords I have) as it’s clear so it doesn’t stain the metal, and doesn’t evaporate so it seals and protects better than typical lubricating mineral oils like WD-40. To make it easier to apply to chain mail, you might try thinning it down a bit with paint thinner. Make sure you wipe the oil off thoroughly, or it may get sticky as it dries.

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Why do religious people push so hard on science and so little on religion?

Isn’t that REALLY biased?

They question science until all their questions are answered. Then, they alter strong theories into weak loophole ideas to include thier religious beliefs.

Isn’t that going to wrong way? Scientific theories go through countless experiments and trials to prove they work and if they fail any of them then the theories are altered. Religion is tested to but the highest test you can preform on it is to see if religious texts were really written by the people they claim to be by or not. Even then we don’t know if that person was right or not.

Has science explained the UFOs yet? Religion has the answers!

Apostle Eric’s Testimony Part 3

Apostle Eric’s Testimony Part 4

The Antichrist Code


God’s Time-line

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How to make an outdoor fridge using insulation and wood and where to buy it?

I’m making a small refrigerator to keep my ice-cream, water, and other cold things cold outside in my fort. Can I buy insulation for cheap somewhere? Or should I just use a lunch box? How do I keep it cold? Thanks(:

Building a "fridge" would involve a compressor and cooling coils. What you are talking about would be an "ice box". Not hard to build one of those, it would only involve building a well insulated box that should be water proof. if it is well enough insulated all you would have to do is open it up at night and use nature to cool / freeze it and then close the door during the day to keep the cold in. All the necessary materials are readily available at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Actually what you are talking about could be simply something like a sturdy wire enclosure to keep out animals and such, maybe with some sort of plywood covering to keep it in the shade on sunny days.

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1993 KX250 Cold Startup and Ride

After a 7-8 Month Hiatus, I’ve finally got my ol’ 93′ KX250 running better than ever.

Following Improvements to the bikes since;
– New High-Flo Air Filter
– New Piston Rings
– New Crank Seals and Bearings
– Linkage has been rebuilt
– Clutch Plates and Clutch Basket has been rebuilt
– Carbueretor has been cleaned and rejetted for less bottom end bog and more Mid-Range Power
– New Clutch and Brake Levers (Kawasaki OEM)
– New MSR Gear Shifter
– New Steel Footpegs (Kawasaki OEM)
– New Thorttle and Brake Cables (Also Kawi OEM)
– Shaved Flywheel Weight
– New 14-49 Aluminum Front and Rear Sprockets
– New steel chain

Future Wish list of modifications:
-New Plastics
-New Rear Brake Disc
-New Tires (Both Front and Rear are worn)
-New Silencer (Perferbly Shorty or Powercore 2)

Overall it performs a 1,000 times better than when originally picked up this a hunk of junk for 250 dollars, Overall I think it was a pretty good investment and I’ve very much enjoyed this project bike but its still far from showroom condition…..

Duration : 0:16:10

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High Voltage test

Costruzione artigianale di un generatore di alta tensione e prove varie.

Duration : 0:3:21

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Where does fencing companies get there chain link fences from?

Does America even have a factory for chain link fencing? What I have noticed from searching online is China seems to be the leader of chain link fencing. Would anyone have experience in this field, and can answer my question?

MasterHalco Company in the US. It starts it’s life as a single wire than is bent in the zigzag. Then they are oven together to create 50′ long rolls. The rolls can be attached together by weaving a single zigzag piece to secure both ends. Yes, China does a lot of chain link, probably the most in the world. You need to find the steel mills to find a lot of manufacturing. China.

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If you are given a compliment, what is the best way to react?

For example, if a teacher says you had the highest test score and says that you are very likely to succeed, how would you react to seem humble and not arrogant? Is a smile okay, or a wow!, or a thanks, or a straight serious face?

I would just smile and say thanks and go on about my business

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I’m thinking about having the coil fitted, but i read somewhere that you have to have had 1 child is that true

I’m thinking about having the coil fitted, but i’ve read that you need to have had a baby prior to having it fitted, it that true? Is it an effective form of contraceptive?

No that is incorrect. You do not need to have had a child prior to having the coil fitted. If you have not had a child then you’ll not have had anything ‘invade’ your womb area. This is why some doctors prefer not to fit the coil into women who have not given birth before – it may introduce a risk of infection which otherwise wouldn’t exist. It is a highly effective form of contraception but as with all forms it isn’t full proof. This is definitely a question discussed with your own GP.

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where can I find a necklace chain without a clasp or buckle?

I’m looking for a necklace chain for a cross that I have. I am more of a fan of the slip over the head style chains that have no clasp or buckle that connect them. Anyone know what these are called or where I can find one?

You can get them at pretty much any jewelry store, Macy’s, Nordstrom, department store, Etsy, or EBay/Amazon.

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Do I still have to a chance to get in to a good college?

At elementary school i got straight a’s and b’s. But then at middle school I started to worry more about popularity then my grades. I am currently going into high school this year. I am going to getting back into a’s and b’s. I get very high test scores on state testing.

hahaha, youll be fine. youll get in tons of places. i went to school with people who had 2.5 gpa’s and they got in dozens of schools. they all want your money. youll get in anywhere with a’s and b’s. and if you decide to go to a community college to save money its even easier to get into other colleges and universities as a transfer student. oh and grade school and middle school grades mean nothing. good luck school hunting!

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