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How To Install a Shelix Cutterhead in the DeWalt DW735 Planer

Installing the Byrd Tool “Shelix” cutterhead in the DeWALT DW735 planer.

In 2007 Markerbuoy, ably assisted by Planerboy and supported by Janer B, set about building a workshop on a remote island off Canada’s west coast.
All the timber was cut using a chain saw and finished to size by Planerboy. No wood was purchased from any lumber yard.

Planerboy used a DeWALT DW735 planer to smooth all the 1″ & 2″ boards that went in to the building. The DW735 is a great machine that allows us to maximise our limited power source, but the three knives need frequent replacement, especially when machining mature Douglas Fir. Once I became aware of the after market Byrd Tool Shelix cutterhead http:// it seemed like a natural improvement for our planer. Byrd Tool has a very good description of the installation
http:// with easy to follow instructions. We had no difficulty with our installation, as you can see from the video. The Shelix head has resulted in significantly lower noise levels and has improved efficiency considerably. In addition, there will be significantly less downtime, as we will not have to replace knives any more. It was a pleasure to deal directly with Byrd Tool as the manufacturer.

Many other friends assisted in the original construction project, either with physical help or by donating supplies and/or equipment. All the help is greatly appreciated.
The project initially took two spring/summer seasons to complete, but as I write (spring 2012) much remains to be done, although the ‘shop is in use. An addition was started, early 2011 and once it is complete, walls, terracing and general landscaping remains to be done.
There is no ferry to the island, no electricity, no roads and no stores, so this all takes time to accomplish.

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Music for this video, titled Travelling Souls was purchased from and is used under licence.

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High school students rebel against standardized tests

A new movement is sweeping the country: students are saying that exams like the one used for college admissions in the United States – the Scholastic Achievement Test, or SATs – are unfair. Leon Botstein of Bard College joins us from New York for more.

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Mini Magnet Motor Systems – PROOF

Visit – – Clean Energy Source, Magnetic Electric Generator. Everyone in this world is suffering from pollution these days. The major contribution in spreading this pollution has been added by power generating companies who release their pollutants in air and chemicals in the water. They mostly use liquid especially fossils fuels for power generation. These fossils fuels contain harmful gases and other chemicals which are major threats for the cleanliness of our environment. Also, continuously rising energy prices have compelled people to move towards cost efficient as well as environment friendly alternatives of producing power. Solar panels and wind turbines are the best ways to produce environment friendly and free of cost electricity. One problem which makes them less popular is the initial investment which required for their installation and the maintenance of these devices. So, magnetic generator is the only way left to produce cheap electricity, which is environment friendly also.

The procedure through which it generates power is very efficient and less harmful for our surroundings. Unlike solar panels and wind turbines, it does not require a large space. A magnetic electricity generator has no disadvantages or threats to environment because once it starts, it works on the thrust of powers. It contains magnets that move constantly due to their unique property of polarity. It has very special characteristic that it does not produce any type of sound and does not contribute in increasing the noise pollution. It is suggested by experts that the use of magnetic generator for production of electricity will reduce threats of pollution up to fifty percent.

The magnetic electricity generator is quite easy to use. Even a new user can use it by following the step by step instructions of user’s manual. By using magnetic electricity generator, you can get rid of power supplying companies which cost you more with huge bills. Also the method of producing power by traditional electric supplies is harming our environment as the high tension wires around our homes are increasing the threats of cancer. The magnetic electricity generator is an efficient solution to overcome your expenses and cleaning your environment from the pollutants. Experts often consider it as the most suitable way to produce clean and environment friendly energy.

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What is the point of protecting yourself from radiation from your cell phone?

The "saferware mobile phone unit" company specifically states –
****It can easily be
placed inside the battery compartment in most mobile phones and wireless house phones, and on the
back of iPhones. ***
Most? What does "most" mean? Should I part with nearly £45 ($85) on the "hope" that it fits into my phone?
Am I missing something?
Here’s the company’s information on the product
I personally believe potential brain tumours caused by cell phones will be like the "cigarette smoking" debate of the last 30 years before its resolution that it’s ultimately extremely dangerous and I would love to protect myself from my phone’s radiation. But are the manufacturers simply charlatans out to make a quick buck?
Thanks for your advice
Neither the mobile phone companies nor the "health" companies purporting to protect us from said people want us to know the truth….They only care about money…i.e. keeping us ignorant, bemused and ultimately scared – so we will part with our money.
Well, I want to fight back against this – but ultimately the moral question comes after the practical one. And, of course, the practical question is…."What are radiation strips" and "HTC products" and what is the most credible of these tools at the lowest price?
thanks for your patience.
The truth about this situation must get into the public sphere. It’s very important for all us consumers.

It is the circuitry inside the phone that emits radiation not the batteries .
Phone Manufacturers claim that the amount of radiation these days from their circuitry is very low and of little danger; If they believed that they could make phones safer and avoid litigation then they would use this system as a built in safeguard.
In fact manufacturers do use ferrite coils on cables already to choke stray emissions, most printer cables have one as do many transformers and they are cheap to produce.
I would need to see some real documented proof of tests made at a named university before I spent £45 on something advertised such as this.
However as a British company I would expect that they have done tests and perhaps their technology is laid upon sound principles but proof as always is in the pudding.

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Sunlight Supply Presents: Titan Selene 1 Setup Video

Sunlight Supply, Inc.
The Selene 1 is for use in small (5′ x 5′)to medium sized (15′ x 15′) grow spaces. The unit comes pre-loaded with four(4) ‘jet cap’ burners and includes spare brass plugs to decrease CO2 production, if required. The Selene 2 is for use in larger (up to 30′ x 30′) grow spaces. The unit comes pre-loaded with eight(8) ‘jet cap’ burners and includes spare brass plugs to decrease CO2 production, if required. The Selene CO2 generators come with: A Selene 1 or Selene 2 CO2 Generator, 12 foot LP rated gas hose with a regulation POL tank fitting, 120 Volt to 12 Volt A/C power adapter, #4 ceiling hook, steel chain to hang your Selene CO2 generator, a hex wrench and spare burner plugs. Selene Series CO2 generators help your plants reach their highest potential!

Titan Controls principles are clear: build a durable product that satisfies our customer’s needs, build a quality product with the best components available in the marketplace today and build a reputable product line that’s synonymous with the Sunlight Supply traditions. Titan Controls is proud to have accomplished each of these principles.

The powder coated, steel chassis’ protect your investment for years to come! The UL/ETL rated components provide you with the confidence and security you’re looking for in your grow equipment. Each and every unit comes with easy to follow instructions in English & Spanish and include step by step diagrams for simple set-up and use. These are products created for our industry, by our industry. Each and every product is backed by a warranty that is unparalleled in our business. Our technical assistance and repair facilities are known for their quick turnaround time and their high level of service.

We hope you will give our environmental controllers, timers, lighting controllers and CO2 gear a try. We are confident that you’ll be satisfied for years to come. Titan Control products are available exclusively at fine indoor garden centers. Please visit your favorite Dealer and ask specifically for Titan Controls. Titan Controls – Be in Control.

Available exclusively from Sunlight Supply, Inc. Specializing in the wholesale of indoor horticulture, organics and hydrogardening supplies.

About Sunlight Supply

Founded in 1995, Sunlight Supply, Inc., is a Vancouver, WA based manufacturer and distributor of specialty gardening supplies. Our product offering of over 4,000 different products include everything needed for indoor, hydroponic, organic and greenhouse gardening. We also distribute a wide variety of products for the outdoor gardener. Sunlight Supply is a wholesale only business, selling our products exclusively through our Authorized Dealer Partners.

Our exclusive brands include Sun System brand grow lights, Sun Blaze T5 HO Fluorescent grow lights, Galaxy Digital Ballasts, Master Blaster 1500 watt Digital Ballasts, Adjust a Wings, Phresh Carbon Filters, Ultra Sun horticultural lamps, Eco Plus, Ideal Air, Titan Controls, Flame Defender Fire Extinguishers, Mother Earth, Gro Pro and many more.

Sun System has become the #1 leading brand of grow lights for indoor and greenhouse gardening. Whether you are a hobbyist growing one orchid or a large commercial greenhouse, we have the experience and products you need.

Whether you garden as a hobby or commercially, hydroponically or in soil, indoors or outdoors, Sunlight Supply offers all of the products you need for a successful growing experience.

An American Company |

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Sylva Striker (kit car) 1st test drive. High-quality.

First test drive. Picture’s of the building proces can be found at:

Duration : 0:10:20

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Lacuna Coil – The Pain

Song from Lacuna Coil’s new album ”Shallow Life” .. Great album 😀 enjoy

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What happens is u bathed a parrot too much?

it is bad to wash him more than once a day?

Most parrots love to bathe, which softens dirt on the feathers and skin and encourages preening. If you bathe your parrot regularly, you will notice that his feathers will begin to become waterproof due to his preening duties. Bathing is important for parrots, whose skin can become dry and itchy, leading to plucking. It’s also important that any pollutants be removed from the bird’s feathers so that it doesn’t ingest any toxic stuff while preening.

Here are some bathing tips:

In warm weather, or when you can provide enough warmth after a bath, you can mist your parrot with a handheld spray bottle that you can buy in any drugstore or supermarket. If he’s interested in the bath, he’ll spread his wings, put his head down, shake around, and delight in every drop.
Try misting above the bird so that the water simulates a rain shower. You can do this outside (in a safe place) with a hose for larger, ardent bathers.
In the summer, you can completely soak your parrot to the skin a couple of times a week. This is very good for your bird.
In very cool weather, keep bathing to a minimum unless you can offer heat after the bath. A bird lamp will do.
Bathe only in the daytime hours — a bird that goes to bed wet can catch a chill and will be uncomfortable.
Some companies make a suction-cup shower perch that you can use to shower with your parrot. Make sure, though, that the water isn’t too hot and that the bathroom is parrot proofed. If the parrot doesn’t like to bathe in the shower, merely being in a steamy room will add moisture to the skin. Always supervise your parrot when the water is running.
Washing dishes is another bathing opportunity. Put your parrot on your shoulder during this time, and he may hop into the sink for a bath under the faucet. Make sure the water temperature is mildly warm.
Never spray a bird that’s freaked out by the whole affair. This bird will need to come to bathing on her own. Allow her to be near a stream of water (in the shower on a shower perch) and enter the water by herself.
Don’t blow-dry your parrot. Some blow-dryers contain nonstick coating on the heating coils, which can be deadly to your bird.
For the reluctant bather, a flat plastic or ceramic dish filled with wet spinach, watercress, curly kale, or other greens may encourage bathing (the greens are also fun to play with and are good to eat).
Don’t ever use soap on your bird unless it’s for a very good reason — for example, if he gets oil on his feathers. Make sure to use very mild glycerin soap, and rinse your bird thoroughly. Wash only his body (not the face), and don’t scrub. Your best bet is to fill a plastic tub with warm soapy water about chest-deep to your bird and set him in it, if he’ll tolerate that. Remember, when doing anything unnatural, such as a genuine bath (not a mist or shower), be gentle and compassionate, and realize that your bird may become frightened. When in doubt, call your avian veterinarian.

There are bathing products that you can buy in your local pet shop that contain ingredients such as aloe that are good for the skin. The simplest approach to bathing your bird to use plain, tepid, clean water. Many of the store-bought products can irritate the eyes and contain unnecessary fragrances.

A parrot’s chest muscles contract rapidly and repeatedly after a bath. This looks like shivering, but it’s not. It’s actually the way the parrot creates body heat after getting wet, and it’s nothing to be concerned about.

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building a hot rod, lost our MSD and HOLLEY California legal stickers, are they replaceable?

building a hot rod from the ground up, and we lost our little stickers stating that the holly carbouraters and the msd ignition box and coil are legal in CA. are these tags replaceable? they have to be on the car or else were screwed when it comes to registration.
little metal tag sticker that says CA state legal with the MSD log, and a silver sticker from holley stating the same thing.

You should go to where they were purchased to check.
You might have to show proof of purchase, but the
manufacturer of these items should be able to send
you replacements. You could try contacting them
directly to ask about getting replacements.

I don’t see how CA, or any other state can require
such stickers to be on the vehicle, though. These
things have a tendency to get worn out, or unreadable
very fast. I would think the company info on them, and
your proof of purchase would be enough.

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How to build a boomerang Tracing and cutting on a scroll saw PART 2

Buy here:

This is part 2 in a series of 6 videos showing how I build a boomerang. To purchase one of my crafted boomerangs go to
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