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What do you think of my post WrestleMania storyline?

The night after WrestleMania, the Rock opens the show to congragulate John Cena on a good match the night before. He gets beat down by the Shield writing him off telivision for several months. In the main event this night, CM Punk wins a Fatal 4-Way match also involving Big Show, Randy Orton, and Sheamus to become #1 contender at Extreme Rules. As he is celebrating, the Shield come down and attack CM Punk (there are rumors that he is taking some time off after Mania). Because of the severity of injuries suffered in the attack, CM Punk will be out of action for an indefinite period of time. On the next Raw, the Shield come out and say that since there is no #1 contender anymore, they should be the #1 contender. They are interrupted by Mr. Vince McMahon himself as he has taken back control of day to day operations because of the retirement of Triple H (which coincidentally was caused partly by the Shield). Mr. McMahon asks, "You think you should be #1 contender for the WWE Cmampionship?," all sarcasticly. "Let’s see what all you’ve done to deserve a WWE title shot…you’re undefeated in the WWE as a unit. The three of you have beaten Kane, Daniel Bryan, Ryback, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Sheamus, The Big Show, and the WWE Champion himself. You won at WrestleMania. You caused the retirement of my son in law Triple H. You know what, I usually don’t agree with a lot of people but I must agree you three are the most logical contenders. So at Extreme Rules, John Cena will defend the WWE Championship in a three on one handicap match against the Shield. If the Shield wins they will be the first unit to ever hold the WWE Championship."
Cena retains the title at Extreme Rules and it is also announced that CM Punk will be returning at the next PPV, Payback, in Chicago, IL. The Shield dissapears from telivision for a month.

At Payback, the champion is out first to the usual negative response he gets fom a Chicago crowd. CM Punk is out next to a hero’s welcome, draped in the Chicago flag. About 25 minutes into the match John Cena hits a third AA on Punk, but as he is going for the cover, ‘Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta Shield’ comes over the speakers. As the Shield make their way to the ring, CM Punk comes to and is ready to help John Cena combat the Shield. With the Shield on the ring apron, the referee is distracted trying to clear Rollins and Reigns from ringside, Ambrose throws Cena a steel chain and Punk oblivious to what happened turns around to get clocked with a chain wrapped fist from Cena. The Shield retreats as Cena makes the cover and the referee counts 1-2-3. The Shield come back to the ring and are smiling at Cena as the show goes off the air as he is saying "We did it boys." to the Shield.

Wow, that’s a lot to take in.

Overall it sounds a hell of a lot better then the current WWE content, interesting, gripping but also entertaining.

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Full-automatic chain bending machine and chain welding machine.wmv

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We,China supplier,provides durable and heavy duty automatic chain welding machine and chain bending machine for producing high strength chains, all these chains can use as conveyor chains, hoisting chains, shipping chains, playground chains, tyre chain etc, our welding machine is similar as Germany WAFIOS chain welding machine who is the leader of making this machine in the world,but much cheaper than theirs.

This chain welding machine is adopted by butt-resistance technology, welding and chamfering the round steel chains in one pass! Further, the machine’s welding current control is designed with closed circuit primary depending on pressing force.

Machine Technical datas:

1.automatic chain welding machine datas:
1、工作范围(链环线材直径):¢6mm~¢11mm Wire diameter: ¢6mm~¢11mm
2、链条节距(链环内长):18.5-65mm Link pitch:18.5~65 links/min
3、生产效率:20~45环/min Production efficiency:25~50 links/min
4、链条抗拉强度:≥80KN/㎜2 Tensile strength of chiain link: ≥80KN/㎜2
5、控制电压:直流:24V Control voltage:DC24V
6、工作电压:交流380V,250Hz Working voltage: AC 380V,250Hz
7、额定电流:250A Rated current:250A
8、额定功率:150KVA Rated power:150KVA
9、初级电压:380V,50Hz Primary voltage:380V,50Hz
10、次级电压:6.8V-7.5V-8.6V交流 Primary voltage: 6.8V-7.5V-8.6V (AC)
11、输入功率:170KVA Input power:170KVA
12、电动机功率:3Kw变频电机 Motor power:3.0KW
13、气源工作压力最小:0.65Mpa Minimum air pressure:0.65MPa
14、机床工作压力:0.6Mpa Working pressure:0.6Mpa
15、空气消耗量:每一工作循环大约9L Air consume:9L
16、冷却水消耗量:20L/min Cooling Water consume:20L/min
17、冷却水温度:15-25℃ Water temperature: 15-25℃
18、机床尺寸:1950×1900×1500/mm Size: 1950×1900×1500/mm
19、机床重量约:3.4t Weight:3.4t

2. automatic chain bending machine dates:
1、工作范围:钢丝直径¢6mm~¢11mm Wire diameter: ¢6mm~¢11mm
2、最大链环长度:线材直径的2.7~4倍 Maximum link length: 2.7~4D of the steel wire
3、链环节距:18.5-65mm Link pitch: 18.5~65mm
4、生产效率:30~65环/ min Efficiency:30~65 links/min
5、压缩空气消耗量:0.25 L/环 Compressed air consumption: 0.25L/link
6、主电机功率:10Kw Motor Power:10Kw
7、主机外形尺寸:3050×1850×1270/mm Size:3050*1850*1270mm
8、设备总重量约:7.2/t Total weight:7.2T

other welding wire Dimater: 2-6mm,6-11mm, 11-13mm, 13-18mm,18-22mm,22-26mm….

If you want to know more informations about our welding machine,please send us email:

Contact person:Mr.Ray Mu


Mr.Ray Mu

Duration : 0:7:29

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Scooter Lee – High Test Love

Scooter Lee Singing – “high test Love”

Enjoy, xXx

Duration : 0:3:5

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Busted ! Proof of HAARP ! Satellite Imaging Shows Coil Wave over Prince Edward Islands !

Satellite images from march 26th 2013 show a Huge Coil , Spiral Wave like Feature coming from the Prince Edward Islands ! Amazing Proof of Weather Modification ! NASA Pictures showing the effects of TTA’S and HAARP !

Duration : 0:6:12

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How can I get my car to pass the idle emissions test?

So last week I failed both high rpm and idle tests because the hydrocarbons are too high. I changed the spark plugs (Just the plugs, not the wires they looked fine) now it passes the high rpm test but the idle test failed and in fact the hydrocarbons went up from 350 ppm to 457 ppm. What would have caused the hc to go up on the idle test, and what do I need to change or adjust in order for my car to pass the idle test?

A few things you can do to see if this will fix the problem are shown in the links at the end of this post.

Perform these basic steps then go get your codes pulled if the problem still exists.

Most auto parts stores will pull your computer codes for you for free if you just ask them.

Once you get your codes pulled, go home and look up the cleaning and test procedures for any suspect components.

When you’ve cleaned and tested those components, replace any that failed the test.

Many times this will fix the problem, otherwise just re post your question with a synopsis of the work you’ve performed in an effort to fix the problem and we’ll take it from there.

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Abus Steel-O-chain Lock Picked

I picked my Abus Steel-O-Chain bike lock faster then I would have liked. So much for having a secure lock.

Duration : 0:1:13

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Old Crow Medicine Show – Alabama High Test Lyrics

No copyright infringement intended. All copyrights belong to Old Crow Medicine Show.

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Duration : 0:2:26

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Electrical Hot Coil Wrap Method #1

Ok this is an example of how to do an electrical hot coil wrap. This will aid in making a tempered coil that is ready for use on a ceramic wick. All props to Elias for coming up with the idea to torch the wire when you wrap it. I think this is easier for the less than dexterous people out there. Fire HOT!!

Now I did this quickly to show the how to, I did not keep proper tension on the coil as I wound so it is not perfect. This is just a proof of concept.

Duration : 0:2:16

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how to hook a chain to a tree?

i dont want to wrap the chain around the tree i want some type of hook that you can screw into the tree and can lock the chain onto it without anyone being able to take off the chain.

You did not say how sturdy this has to be. Or what size tree. I assume you are aiming for a car-stopper.

Drill straight through the tree. Insert a bolt of the proper length and diameter, AFTER you slide bolt through a steel piece with a hole just big enough for the bolt and another hole big enough for the chain or lock.

Looping a chain around the tree can kill the tree because it may cut a ring around the bark. But drilling straight through it won’t hurt it a bit. The life of the tree is just under the bark. The rest is just wood.

Where can you get the bit of iron? How can you get the right size holes in it? Depends on what kinds of tools you have. Depends on if there is a scrap yard around. Try a junk yard. For $20 they can drill or cut (torch) holes in a piece of leaf spring. This is assuming there is not a good tractor supply place nearby.

But, how to prevent someone from taking the nut (and huge washer) [perhaps another bit of iron] off and removing the bolt? if you can weld the nut on, that’s good. if not, just mess up the threads enough so the nut won’t come off.

Just remember, if someone brings the right tools (simple as an 18 volt sawzall) they will defeat you.

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how long does it take for the melbourne high test results to come out?

As you all know, the melbourne high test was two days ago. I took this test and am now anxiously waiting for the results. So could someone please tell me when they come out.

I tried out to and if you listened they said late August. Good luck on getting in mate.

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