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Where can i make my own necklace?

I drew up this really cool design. It has a similar shape to the detroit redwings logo but much simpler (only a few lines) i really want to get it cut in steel (or some kind of metal) kind of like this:
Of course, i want the loop for the chain more in the center or even off to the other side (the narrow side) a little so the wider side angles down a little. It doesn’t really matter if the necklace part is a steel chain or if it is a sturdy black fabric.
I would just like to know if anyone knows a place or a website that could make a necklace like this out of a drawing i provide.

Find a local place that does laser metal cutting, and ask how much they’d want to do it. Alternatively, buy a jewelers saw and start sawing. Add a chain yourself — try for some examples.

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How can two variables have different means but not be correlated?

A t-test confirmed that two variables had significantly different means, but Spearman said they’re not correlated. One variable is ordinal (strong, weak) and the other is interval (scores). So the strong folks have significantly higher test scores than the weak group, but the "strong" category is not associated with higher test scores? I can wrap my head around these stats. Can someone explain this to me conceptually?

I agree. You are absolutely right. It is a bit confusing my mind also. Let me consult my mentor today evening and let you know tomorrow.

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What is the best way to wire my car audio system?

Here’s my deal: I have an Alpine amplifier leading into a sub, also Alpine. The amp is an Alpine MRP-M500. The sub is an Alpine SWS-12D4. Now I know that with the dual voice coil, there are two possible ways to wire it, in series and in parallel. I also know that parallel wiring causes the load to drop to 2 ohms and the wattage to rise. I currently have the system set up to run from the amp to the sub’s dual voice coils in series and it sounds great, but I’m a little concerned about damaging my system. I am also curious as to whether or not it can sound even better. Is there something I can do to boost the system or did I mismatch the two? If I made a mistake, what should I look into, within the same price ranges?

Rewire the voice coils to present a 2 ohm load to the amplifier. It’s more than capable of handling a 2 ohm load and will deliver the full 500 watts RMS it’s capable of opposed to the ~200 watts you’re currently getting out of it with the voice coils wired in series.

AAMOF, there are some concerns of monoblock amplifiers not operating properly at loads higher than 4 ohms. I’ve never seen any proof of it, but regardless it’s not helping anything, especially in your situation.

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