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How Old Are Your Ears? (Hearing Test)

How high can you hear? Take this ‘test’ to see how old your ears are!
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NOTE: The 19,000 Hz frequency has been lost due to YouTube compressing the file.

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Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

Duration : 0:1:38

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Is it educationally unjust to separate students by ability and intelligence in high school?

In nearly all American high schools there is a tracking system that places certain students in various classes by category: special ed, general, and honors/AP.

This whole idea of "tracking" traces its origins in the 1950s when school administrators realized that the traditional college preparatory did not suit average students. Students identified with college potential were tracked into English Literature and history classes, while those believed to have less were given a vocational track. This was when classes such as "woodshop" and "home economics" emerged. Woodshop was mainly for male students who would later become part of the manual workforce and home economics was for female students believed to one day become stay-at-home mothers. Placement into the tracking system was based on an IQ verbal test. In Los Angeles, the majority of the Latinos and African Americans were tracked in the vocational path.

Tracking has been taken to the extreme degree in the recent past with the spread of magnet schools. Magnet schools, the cream of the crop in public education, boast high test scores and excellent academics. While magnet schools are public, they often only benefit middle to upper class non-disadvantaged groups. One criticism of magnet schools is that they siphon off the very best students from average schools, leaving environments where students aren’t able to learn from their more capable peers.

Is there a question here?

It’s a good idea to provide specialized paths to people – otherwise you end up with a one size fits all policy where one size doesn’t fit all. Those who are interested in excelling in school can’t, and those who are struggling sink even further.

What’s not fair is if people are streamed on criteria that aren’t fair – e.g., race, sex, income level etc. But streaming on ability or giving people specialized curriculum to enhance their interest makes sense – you don’t develop expertise through mediocrity.

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Chloe the Corgi vs. the Hose – iPhone 5s High Speed Test #1

To test the high speed camera on the iPhone 5s, Will and Chloe played with the hose.

Duration : 0:2:7

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Does anybody else think Ricky Ponting is the second greatest test batsman?

Is Rick Ponting the greatest test batsman behind only Don Bradman. Pontings stats:
168 Test caps & 13,378 runs
375 ODI caps & 13,704 runs
71 international centuries
Highest Test score: 257 v India in 2003
Won three World Cups
Tests as captain: 77
Tests won as captain: 48
Not only are his stats impressive but he was one of toughest and most competitive cricketers in the game. He thrived under pressure and adversity and played with a beautiful combination of aggressive stroke play and solid defence. He was also a great captain.

I wouldn’t say 2nd. More bottom half of the top 10.

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HIGH TEST LOVE ( line dance )

LINE DANCE ” HIGH TEST LOVE “, choreographed by Max Perry, danced to ” high test Love ” sung by Scooter Lee, PLEASE VISIT OUR WESTERN DANCE VIDEO AND COUNTRY MUSIC TOUR WEBSITE AT http://www.freewebs.com/alan-and-sonia

Duration : 0:2:37

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How can two variables have different means but not be correlated?

A t-test confirmed that two variables had significantly different means, but Spearman said they’re not correlated. One variable is ordinal (strong, weak) and the other is interval (scores). So the strong folks have significantly higher test scores than the weak group, but the "strong" category is not associated with higher test scores? I can wrap my head around these stats. Can someone explain this to me conceptually?

I agree. You are absolutely right. It is a bit confusing my mind also. Let me consult my mentor today evening and let you know tomorrow.

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is it bad to listen to music before a test?

is it okay to listen to music before a test? (IE: math, chem, physics)
My friend says that she never listens to any music before a big test… and her results show
but that can be just her belief

i heard classical music can help get a high test score.

are these true?
try to compare it with studying with music and without music.
do not factor in the amount or how intensely you studied.

Probably it can. But, usually it won’t. Only listen to music without lyrics in it. Lyrics can distract you from remmebering the information.

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Stoned Driving Test

Don’t show up high to the driving test.

Duration : 0:3:48

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What should I do about the foreign language req in college?

I speak French fluently, and based on my high test scores, I can bypass the intro French courses. In doing that, I would miss going through classes that are ridiculously easy for my college career. If I do that however, I can’t get a major in French.

I’m planning on going to med school, so going through easy classes would certainly inflate my GPA. What should I do?

If you’re planning on going to med school, what would be the point of getting a major in French? Wouldn’t it make more sense to major in the sciences that you will need for medicine? I have a major in French, and it’s because I went into teaching and taught French Immersion. If I had been planning on going to med school, I would have taken French as a few easy electives, that would get me some credits but not taxed me, so I could focus on the harder subjects and do well in them.

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Monster High Stop Motion “The Monster” – The First Test (s1ep7)

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Summary: Frankie goes out on her first mission to prove herself. While trying to save Neptuna, a sea snake attacks her. Rochelle and Draculaura get into a fight. The werewolves join Queen Nefera.
Music: “Rikku’s Theme”, “Leap in the Dark”, “Peril”, “Guadosalam”, and “Patricide” from Final Fantasy X.

Duration : 0:5:59

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