What should I do about the foreign language req in college?

I speak French fluently, and based on my high test scores, I can bypass the intro French courses. In doing that, I would miss going through classes that are ridiculously easy for my college career. If I do that however, I can’t get a major in French.

I’m planning on going to med school, so going through easy classes would certainly inflate my GPA. What should I do?

If you’re planning on going to med school, what would be the point of getting a major in French? Wouldn’t it make more sense to major in the sciences that you will need for medicine? I have a major in French, and it’s because I went into teaching and taught French Immersion. If I had been planning on going to med school, I would have taken French as a few easy electives, that would get me some credits but not taxed me, so I could focus on the harder subjects and do well in them.