Dan Winter’s Imploder combined with Marko Rodin’s coil – Magnetic Phase Conjugated Water

The results after watering plants and consuming the water after cycling it through the imploder are off the scale.

350% growth in plants.
See the first 3 websites for A Lot of information and verification, comparison pictures, etc.

Within the past year… there have been MAJOR breakthroughs in the physics of magnetism which allow for unimaginable applications.


Rodin Coil playing under water:

Non-Linear Magnetics (CMR):

Non-Contact Attachment (CMR):

Breakthrough in magnetism:

Eugene Podkletnov Rare Interview:

Ed Leedskalnin beat “modern” science by 100 years. Haha
Discovery of “Magnetricity”:

Ed Leedskalnin and Coral Castle:



Vortex Water:

Please enjoy this video playlist with over 24 hours of interviews, demonstrations, proof, recent updates and the history of PROFESSOR JOHN SEARL’s work with magnetics, free energy and inverse gravity:


A Recent Message from Searl Magnetics:

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Imagine applying the combined knowledge attained by people like Dan Winter, Marko Rodin, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Walter Russell, Viktor Schauberger, Ed Leedskalnin, John Keely, Professor John Searl, Ernst Chladni, Tibetan monks, etc.

That’s what I’m trying to accomplish with this on-going experimentation and research. It’s been a long journey to understand the correlations between all those brilliant minds and there’s still a long way to go.

There are major similarities between all these people’s work.
Phi, Spin, Implosion, Magnetics, Harmonics, Resonance, Sacred Geometry, Spirituality, etc.

Most all of the people are self taught and present information contradictory to mainstream and so-called “modern” science.

Water has about the same diamagnetic quality as copper.
Water = -0.91
Copper = -1
Bismuth = -16.6
Silver= -2.6

I think we are overlooking something here..

They hold a charge, but a SELF charge. That charge can’t be measured in relation to other things. Meaning, the increased SELF MAGNETISM won’t attract nor repel other materials, but the internal energy is enhanced. (Chi)

It’s like regular magnetism attracts and repels objects, but this increased atomic energy comes from spinning in a universal phi proportion.


Water and electrons behave the same.
So if you can energize water by recycling it through Dan Winter’s imploder system, then why can’t we send an electric charge through the same process of spiraling and pass it through magnetic phase conjugated cylinders?

Aerating water increases the oxygen content and cycling the water through the imploder increases it’s magnetic energy content..

So why can’t we recycle the energy from a battery using the same principles and fill the electrons that are currently there with more energy like a sponge?

Wetter water means lower surface tension.I sense that electrons are like sponges for magnetic energy just as water molecules soak in oxygen and reach a saturation point.

We are using “tap electricity” just like we are drinking “tap water”.
The energy from a car battery is untreated.

You can take some tap water and turn it into super water. I think we can take a regular battery and turn it into super electricity by cycling the current in the same fashion as the water through the imploder.
Follow the path of water.
“Be Water my friend.” – Bruce Lee

I think “over-unity” is actually filling up electrons to their max capacity of energy.
An energy saturation point.
A water molecule reaches it’s oxygen saturation point and can only hold so much.
But you have to aerate the water. If you want more energy, you have to spin it in a vortex and cycle it through opposing magnetic fields.

Rather than a tube of water going through the cylindrical magnets that are forced together, I think we could send a wire through the cylinders. Connect that to stacked Rodin Coils which oppose each other. Loop it back to the battery and re-cycle it.

I think we’ll find that the amount of energy output grows even with the same input because you’re allowing the electrons to saturate with more energy from the Dirac Sea.

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