Do you have to distill homemade spirits?

I’m planning on making vodka via the potato method. Do you have to distill it after the fermentation process? Or is that just to give it a stronger proof. I don’t have a still and I don’t wanna buy the stuff to make one. Is it dangerous to skip the distillation process

If you are going to make vodka…then yes…you will have to distill. You are taking a risk if you dont know what you are doing. There are two types of alchohol that stream from making likker. Be sure to keep your temp at 174 and throw away your first few ounces of liquer…it will make you sick. Also be sure you have a complete cooling coil method in place so ya dont blow up the still. Not tryin to scare ya…just hate seeing someone get burnt up over some likker. To get the best likker you want to distill three times to about 180 proof. Then add quality water to cut it down to 100 proof…you will need a hydrometer to get it right on. Keep in mind if you are doing this in the usa …it is a federal offense and i do not suggest in any way anyone attempt to make likker. But good luck…..