Where can i make my own necklace?

I drew up this really cool design. It has a similar shape to the detroit redwings logo but much simpler (only a few lines) i really want to get it cut in steel (or some kind of metal) kind of like this:
Of course, i want the loop for the chain more in the center or even off to the other side (the narrow side) a little so the wider side angles down a little. It doesn’t really matter if the necklace part is a steel chain or if it is a sturdy black fabric.
I would just like to know if anyone knows a place or a website that could make a necklace like this out of a drawing i provide.

Find a local place that does laser metal cutting, and ask how much they’d want to do it. Alternatively, buy a jewelers saw and start sawing. Add a chain yourself — try firemountaingems.com for some examples.